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Senin / 20 Okt 2014
Australia Prof Di Brown RN, Bapp Sci,Gdip Hed, PhD, MCNA, AFCHSE (AUS) Preventing perioperative hazzard Slips
Belgia Tim Galecop (BEL) Surgical and Central Sterile Reprocessing Units How to Achieve a Win / Win Approach
Indonesia Heru Cahyono, SST (INA) Best Practice for Prevention and Central Infection in Operating Room
Singapura Mahmood Idrose RN, BHSN, OTNC, Dip IRS (SIN) Minimally Invasive Procedures : Present and Future
Indonesia Dewi Ratna Sari, Skep MM (INA) Protecting Surgical Patients and Healthcare Workers Through a Safe Environment ofCare
Selasa/ 21 Okt 2014
Mesir Adel Ramzy (EGY) Thorek Memorial Lecture
Australia Yik Hong-Ho (AUS) Heading To Good Surgery
USA Max Downham (USA) The Role Of ICS In Supporting Education And Research In Developing Country
Indonesia Djoko Riyadi(INA) Patient Safety In Trauma Surgery
Taiwan Aij-Lie Kwan (TWN) Patient Safety In Neuro Surgery
Jerman Frank P. Schulze (GER) Patient Safety In Oncologic Surgery
China Yi Miao (CHI) Technique for Pancreatic Surgery
Greece Georgios Tsoulfas (GRC) Liver Resection in Colorectal cancer Metastasis
Jepang Koichi Hirata (JPN) Surgery of The Pancreas
Hongkong CN Tang (HKG) Robotic Surgery on HPB
Singapura Tan YehHong (SIN) Robotic Prostate Surgery
India Rajesh C Shah (IND) Endoluminal Robotic Surgery
Rabu/22 Okt 2014
Mesir Adel Ramzy (EGY) Challenges in Surgery
Indonesia Paul Tahalele (INA) Surgery In Developing Countries With Limited Facilities
Indonesia Tjakra Manuaba (INA) Breast Cancer in Indonesia : Where Are We Now?
Nigeria Alexander Nwofor (NIG) Post Graduate Surgical Training in Nigeria
Singapura Tan Yeh Hong (SIN) Hi-Tech In Surgery And Ethical Consideration
China Shusen Zheng (CHI) Transplant Surgery : Past, Present and Future
Indonesia Puruhito (INA) Development of Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering for Surgical Treatment – Report from Surabaya
Indonesia Zainal Muttaqin (INA) Starting and Developing Epilepsy Surgery in Limited Resources
Jepang Masakazu Yamamoto (JPN) HCC and perihilar Cholangiocarcinoma
Jepang Takehito Otsubo (JPN) Acute Care Surgery
Kamis/23 Okt 2014
Mexico Fidel Ruiz Healy (MEX) The Important aspect of Relationship between the International College of Surgeon and The World Health Organization
Indonesia Sjamsoehidajat (INA) The Challenge In Surgical Ethics
Belanda Leo Stam (NED) Facing With Surgical Malpractice
Australia Hari Kapila (AUS) Earl Owen Memorial Lecture
Czech Vladimir Cervinka (CZE) Is The Omitting Of Axillary Lymph Node Dissection In Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Positive Patiens Safe ?
Indonesia Soehartati Gondhowiarjo (INA) The Role Of Radiotherapy in The Management of Breast Cancer
Indonesia Bethy Hernowo (INA) The Role Of Pathology in The Management of Breast Cancer
Indonesia Ami Ashariati Suhardiani (INA) The Role Of Chemotherapy in The Management of Breast Cancer
Singapura Elias Tam (SIN) Update of Hair Transplant
Filipina Francis Decangchon (PHI) Instant Facial Rejuvenation With Autologous Fat Grafting
Australia Patrick Chen (AUS) Safety in Aesthetic Surgery: using Laser liposuction under tumescence anaesthesia as model
Jepang George Sekine (JPN) Maxillofacial Reconstruction Surgery
Mexico Juan Barron Blanco (MEX) TBA
Indonesia Paul Tahalele (INA) Chest Wall Reconstruction Surgery After Chest Wall Tumor Resection